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#KDIGOAKIHealthcare Conferences
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The KDIGO Controversies Conference on Acute Kidney Injury will revisit KDIGO AKI nomenclature and diagnostic criteria; discuss AKI risk stratification…
#ISNchatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Bi monthly discussion on clinical Nephrology and Research topics sponsored by the International Society of Nephrology and it's education groups.
#UKKW2021Healthcare Conferences
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Improving Kidney Care through quality research and team working. he UKKA are excited to be once again hosting a virtual conference in 2021. The vi…
#SCM17Healthcare Conferences
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The NKF Spring Clinical Meetings is designed for meaningful change in the multidisciplinary healthcare teams’ skills, performance, and patient healt…
#AnnualDialysisHealthcare Conferences
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The Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC) is the world's largest multidisciplinary conference on dialysis designed for health professionals involved in est…
#KidneyConHealthcare Conferences
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The purpose of Kidney Con is to increase research, education, and communication among physicians who care for patients with kidney disease; thereby, r…
#ERAEDTA21Healthcare Conferences
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The 58th ERA-EDTA Congress will be held in Berlin, Germany on June 5-8, 2021. It will be a hybrid Congress with both an onsite presence and virtual co…
#NRRAA16Healthcare Conferences
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The NRAA Annual Fall Conference & Facility Leaders Workshop will provide opportunities for education, advocacy, meetings with potential vendors in…

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