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#aua13Healthcare ConferencesAmerican Urological Association Annual Meeting
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Now in its 108th year, the AUA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of urologists in the world, providing unparalleled access to groundbreaking research, new guidelines and the latest advances in urologic medicine. This year's Meeting offers more educational opportunities … Continued

#aua14Healthcare ConferencesAUA 2014 Annual Meeting
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The Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association takes place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from 16-21 May 2014. For further details please visit aua2014.org

#baus13Healthcare ConferencesBritish Association of Urological Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting 2013
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The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) is the peak body representing urological surgeons throughout the United Kingdom. Its Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in MAnchester from 17-20 June 2013 and features a highly distinguished International Faculty.

#baus14Healthcare ConferencesBAUS Annual Scientific Meeting
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The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) Annual Scientific Meeting takes place in Liverpool from 23-26th June 2014. The conference website is http://www.baus.org.uk/AGMpages/Welcome

#bkcs14Healthcare Conferences3rd National Bladder & Kidney Cancer Conference
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Building on the previously successful meetings in 2010 and 2012, we are pleased to convene the 3rd National Bladder, Kidney and Testis Cancer Symposium, 7th to 9th of February 2014. Testis cancer has been added to the program in response … Continued

#circumchatRegular, ,

A chat for medical professionals on the controversial topic of circumcision. Hosted by Contemporary Pediatrics and Urology Times. Read more here – ow.ly/eStDz

#cua13Healthcare ConferencesCanadian Urological Association Annual Meeting
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The annual meeting of the Canadian Urological Association will be held this year in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This meeting brings together urologists from across Canada and the United States as well as other health care providers with interest or expertise … Continued

#cua14Healthcare ConferencesCanadian Urological Association Annual Meeting

The CUA assembles for its annual meeting in St Johns Newfoundland. Follow along to see the latest in Canadian Urology

#dgu13Healthcare ConferencesDGU Kongress

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Urologie Kongress, Dresden 2013 German Society of Urology Congress, Dresden 2013

#DRUS13Healthcare ConferencesDRUS 2013: German Robotic Urology Symposium 2013
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Symposium der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Roboter-assistierte Urologie e.V. in Essen, 2013. Symposium of the German Association of robot-assisted Urology in Essen, 2013.

#EAU12Healthcare ConferencesEuropean Association of Urology Congress

The Annual EAU Congress is a platform for the international urological community to share the latest and the most relevant knowledge with medical experts practising across the board. Europe?s largest, this urology event annually gathers thousands of delegates and exhibitors … Continued

#eau13Healthcare ConferencesEAU Annual Congress
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The European Association of Urology (EAU)'s Annual Congress is one of the largest medical events in Europe. It brings together over 10,000 delegates from 80 countries for five days of informative discussion, education and presentation. Parallel to the regular congress, … Continued

#eau14Healthcare ConferencesEAU 2014 Annual Congress
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Stockholm, Sweden’s dynamic capital, will host the 29th Annual EAU Congress from 11 to 15 April 2014. Considered as Europe’s biggest urology event , the meeting will present the latest developments in international urology with a comprehensive and extensive scientific … Continued

#erus13Healthcare ConferencesEAU Robotic Urology Section Congress 2013
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For the second time in its history, the EAU Robotic Urology Section Congress (ERUS) is coming to Stockholm, Sweden in September 2013. We will be hosting this exciting event that educates the urological community in robotic surgical techniques with the … Continued

#erus14Healthcare ConferencesEAU Robotic Urology Section Meeting
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For the first time in its history, the annual EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) meeting is coming to The Netherlands. The eleventh edition of the ERUS meeting will take place from 17-19 September 2014, at the Beurs van Berlage in … Continued

#esru_yau14Healthcare ConferencesESRU YAU Residents Day at EAU Congress 2014
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ESRU YAU Residents Day during EAU Congress 2014 covered education, social media, research and nightmare sessions.

#ics2013Healthcare ConferencesInternational Continence Society
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43rd Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society in Barcelona Spain website: http://www2.kenes.com/ics/Pages/Home.aspx

#pcwc13Healthcare ConferencesProstate Cancer World Congress
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The Prostate Cancer World Congress will be held in Melbourne from 6-10th August 2013. It incorporates the 14th Australasian Prostate Cancer Conference which is the leading prostate cancer event in the region. More details at www.prostatecancercongress.org.au

#siu2013Healthcare ConferencesSociété International d'Urology
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33rd congress of the Société International d'Urology in Vancouver, Canada website: http://www.siucongress.org/2013/index.aspx

#uroalex14Healthcare ConferencesAlexandria urology conference UROALEX 2014
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Alexandria university , department of urology organize a yealy conference named UROALEX that cover recent reseach and updates in the field of genitourinary surgery.

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#USANZ13Healthcare ConferencesUrological Society of Australia & New Zealand (USANZ)
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The 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Urological Society of Australia & New Zealand takes place in Melbourne from the 13-16th April 2013. This year’s meetings is being convened by the urologists of the Austin Hospital, Melbourne. We aim to … Continued

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