Healthcare data with a purpose.

As social media has increasingly broadened its role in healthcare communication, conversations, ideas, and leaders on social platforms have become meaningful sources of data. We built Symplur to connect the dots between social and real-world data (RWD), so valuable insights on how to make healthcare better can be surfaced to those serving the healthcare community. Whether a researcher, practitioner, or patient, every voice in the healthcare conversation can be clearly heard and amplified. At Symplur, we close the distance between healthcare data and what you can do with it to help foster the connections and insights that make a difference.

Our philosophy
is our daily practice.

Get people
what matters.

Data is abundant, and seems infinite. Our role is to separate the critical signals from the overwhelming noise.

Make actions

Technology should enable, not hinder. We create products that remove cognitive load to enable faster, more informed decision-making.

Stay current.

The world moves faster and faster. To maintain relevance as thought leaders and tech providers, our company and products are built to move at the speed of change.

Respect privacy.

Data is valuable, but so is privacy. We’re precise about the data we synthesize, only surfacing the necessary information to help users get to action.

Our company was built from great ideas and strong technology, but it’s maintained and operated by a team that cares about making healthcare data more precise and helpful.

At Symplur, we
look for the brightest who bring the best.