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What do you get when you combine the world's largest database of social healthcare conversations with the world's largest database of healthcare influencers and power it all by machine learning?

The most fun and effortless path to understanding healthcare social media.

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The world of healthcare social media. Tailored to you.

The Start Page

You're one click away from the clearest view of healthcare social media from the Symplur Signals start page.
Each card opens up a dashboard with a customized focus on what matters to you.

Learn from listening to the many voices in healthcare.

Trending Terms

Understand what the conversations are all about for any healthcare topic and how it's changing over time.
Go deeper by learning how the healthcare stakeholders differ and what they have in common.
And finally drill down to the individual tweets to understand the context of the trending terms.
Powered by Natural Language Processing algorithms.

Understand the relationship between healthcare stakeholders.

Network Analysis

Understand who is interacting with whom, who engages across stakeholder groups, and who functions as authorities or hubs. This social network analysis algorithm enables you to see the social patterns.

The trusted source for accurate key opinion leader lists.

Key Opinion Leaders

Symplur Signals is powered by the world's largest healthcare Key Opinion Leader database. The Healthcare Social Graph® provides segmentation across 15 stakeholder categories. Easily filter any conversation by who the most influential voices are.

Never lose awareness of the most important tweets.

Engaging Tweets

Always be on top of the most engaging tweets whether they are the most retweeted or the tweets that received the most replies creating conversation threads.
Go deeper by going into the conversation threads to read the back and forth dynamic.

You're powered by the world's largest social healthcare ontology.

Tweet Activity

Want to analyze social breast cancer conversations but don't know what all the 192 breast cancer hashtags are?
Just select the health topic you want to analyze, our system knows exactly what to show you.

See what content engages the different healthcare stakeholders.


List the most shared resources on any health topic. Then filter that list based on what engaged the different stakeholder groups the most.

There's always context helping you interpret the insights.


Get the metrics you need – with context. We compare your numbers to the previous period of same length and add a colorful visual indication of directional change.

Know those you serve. Learn from pain points and success shared.

Sentiment Analysis

Learning can only take place if you are willing to listen. Discover what works and the opportunities for improvement.
Symplur Signals's sentiment algorithm is optimized for healthcare.

Symplur Signals

Monthly Subscription

The Symplur Signals is a one page webapp, and individual research reports, that displays opinionated insights on what it belives is the important data from the influencers of the healthcare conversations you care about.

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