Symplur offers three paid plans that scale with your need for understanding healthcare social media.


$149 per month

  • 1 Dataset access
  • Access to Symplur Signals
  • 1 Seat


$499 per month

  • 10 Datasets access
  • Access to Symplur Signals
  • 2 Seats
  • 1 Personal Training Session
  • Healthcare Social Graph® access

Enterprise & Agency

Custom starting at $2,000 per month

  • 25,000 Datasets access
  • Access to Symplur Signals
  • 3+ Seats
  • 2+ Personal Training Sessions
  • Healthcare Social Graph® access
  • Access to Healthcare Topics
  • BAA, SLA, NDA and Custom Agreements
  • Symplur API
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Academic Researchers are offered a special Research Plan with additional features.
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Core Features

Each plan provides access to Symplur's core features.

Healthcare Stakeholder Analysis

Symplur has the world's largest database of healthcare stakeholders so that you can segment and analyze any healthcare conversation by Doctors, HCPs, Caregivers, Advocates, Academics, Pharma, Government, Media etc.

Influencer Ranking

Access to the Healthcare Social Graph® Score which is a propriety algorithm that accurately ranks KOLs based on their true influence in healthcare social media while avoiding the flaws of the easily manipulative metrics like tweets and mentions.

Trending Topics

Instantly see the trending issues covering any aspect of the healthcare industry using advanced Natual Language Processing algorithms. Visualize trends over time or compare two healthcare stakeholder groups with each other to identify the unique characteristics.

Engaging Tweets

Learn what's driving the conversations by seeing the tweets ordered by healthcare stakeholders that received the most retweets, or list the tweets that sparked true back-and-forth conversations.

Sentiment Analysis

Never miss an opportunity to learn from other organizations' mistakes or success stories. The tweets you absolutely must be aware of are brought to your attention by our sentiment algorithm optimized for the healthcare industry.

Article and Content Sharing

Do you have a need to learn what content engages radiologists or orthopedic surgeons? Do you want to know what articles HCPs are sharing? Symplur allows you to list most shared articles and visuals grouped by healthcare stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I change the dataset I have access to?

Every 30 days you have the option to change your selected dataset(s). Which means that on the Professional plan you can access up to 12 datasets, and on the Corporate plan you can access up to 120 datasets.

I want to track a hashtag Symplur doesn’t have, can you do that?

Yes, we track a multitude of hashtags some of which are listed on the Healthcare Hashtag Project. We can track anything you need that is appropriate for Symplur including hashtags, keywords, phrases, user accounts – just let us know.

Can I upgrade from Professional to Corporate instantly?

Yes, you can upgrade from one plan to the other at any point in time and see the changes immediately while the cost is prorated. However, we do not allow immediate or prorated downgrades. Downgrades must happen at the end of the monthly cycle.

How long is the subscription period?

The subscriptions are month to month with the exception of the Enterprise plan.

What payment options do you offer?

Both Professional and Corporate plans are credit card payments only. For our Enterprise customers we offer invoicing options.

Can you sign a BAA, SLA, NDA or company standard contracts?

Yes, for our Enterprise clients we regurlarely sign their own enterprise agreements as part of a customized offering.

How much history or data do I get access to?

You will have access to analysis going back up to 7 years depending on the specific dataset and when we started tracking it. If there is historic data we do not already have, we have the option to get that data for you for an additional fee. Any dataset with over 1 million tweets in our system needs additional approval by Symplur staff for access.