Symplur Signals is the only platform whose audience and engagement analysis is co-designed with healthcare Corporate Communications teams.

Social Media for Corporate Communications

It’s no surprise that Corporate Communications teams at leading pharma and medical device companies use Symplur Signals to take control of and extract priceless value from their Twitter presence.

Whether managing a handful or dozens of Twitter accounts, preparing for a medical meeting, a thought leadership initiative, or an awareness campaign, they know that the ability to rapidly and accurately identify, segment, and understand their healthcare stakeholder audience is half the battle. They combine that with Symplur Signals’ contextualized social listening capabilities to craft high-performing content, communication, and engagement strategies. And, Corporate Communications teams rely on our precision analytics and attractive graphic representations when reporting up the chain of command.

Symplur Signals performs tasks and answers questions no generic tool can because it combines the best of both worlds. Hand curation and crowdsourcing ensure unparalleled healthcare subject matter expertise; machine learning and algorithms provide endless scalability.