Symplur Signals is the only healthcare social media analytics platform that provides actionable insights across the entire spectrum of public health

Social Media for Government & Public Health

Health communication professionals at leading Government and Public Health agencies use Symplur Signals to take control of and extract priceless value from their Twitter presence.

Whether managing a handful or dozens of Twitter accounts, preparing for a disease awareness campaign, an annual conference, or a thought leadership initiative, they know that the ability to rapidly and accurately identify, segment, and understand their multi-stakeholder audience is half the battle. They combine that with Symplur Signals’ contextualized social listening capabilities to craft high-performing content, communication, and engagement strategies covering the vast domain of public health. And, they rely on our precision analytics and attractive graphic representations when reporting up the chain of command.

Campaign Strategy

How can we tailor our campaign messaging so it accounts for our target audience’s psychographics?

What words and phrases do the different healthcare stakeholder groups use to describe the same issues?
For deep content analysis, access interactive snapshots of the Trending Medical Terms from any Twitter conversation via Symplur’s natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. And, to better understand attitudes, optimize our Sentiment Algorithm by custom-training it to match your research team’s specific needs.

Follower Audience Segmentation

Who is following our Twitter account? Do we have the right follower breakdown? How do we make sure we are reaching the right audience groups?

Not all followers are equal. We’ve worked with public health teams to co-design a better way to analyze an account’s Follower Audience. See the overall healthcare stakeholder breakdown and visualize the weekly or monthly gains for each healthcare segment.

Influencer Mapping

How can we increase our social media engagement with the influencers we’re seeking to reach?

Accurate and granular Healthcare Stakeholder Segmentation is key, and the SymplurRank Algorithm delivers the most dependable KOL lists in healthcare. We’ve pre-categorized millions of Twitter accounts based on their public stakeholder identity, and our tools empower you to customize influencer segmentation to meet your needs in a rapidly changing environment.

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