Symplur Signals is the only social media analytics platform on the market that provides precision segmentation of healthcare professionals.

Social Media for Medical Societies

It’s no surprise that health communication professionals at leading Medical Societies use Symplur Signals to take control of and extract priceless value from their Twitter presence.

Whether managing a handful or dozens of Twitter accounts, preparing for an annual conference, promoting a portfolio of journals, or sourcing on point content for their members, they know that the ability to rapidly and accurately identify, segment, and understand their multi-stakeholder audience is half the battle. They combine that with Symplur Signals’ contextualized social listening capabilities to craft high-performing content, communication, and engagement strategies. And, health communication professionals at medical societies rely on our precision analytics and attractive graphic representations when reporting up the chain of command.

Symplur Signals performs tasks and answers questions no generic tool can because it combines the best of both worlds. Hand curation and crowdsourcing ensure unparalleled healthcare subject matter expertise; machine learning and algorithms provide endless scalability.

Account Performance

How influential are we in healthcare social media? When did our Healthcare Social Graph Score break 90?

Over 6,000,000 healthcare profiles are scored every week on their impact in healthcare social media. Each account receives a Healthcare Social Graph® Score and a comprehensive breakdown of their areas of impact.

Article Analysis

Which journal articles got the highest engagement? How do our journals stack up against the competition?

With Symplur Signals you can segment article-sharing by healthcare stakeholders. See which journal articles were shared the most by Doctors, Patient Advocates, Pharma execs, Journalists, and more. You can also filter by disease, therapeutics, or clinical trials. Find the full breakdown of who actually shared a specific article and absorb the Altmetric data we pull in through the DOI numbers.

Twitter Journal Clubs

Is our nephrology journal making an impact in the #nephJC Twitter Journal Club? How is it received?

Dozens of Twitter Journal Clubs are tracked in the Healthcare Social Graph database. Follow these high engagement tweet chats and see which journals and articles are generating large conversation volume from HCPs. Observe the interactions between the journals and their readers.