Symplur Signals vs. Generic social media analytics tools

Comparing Symplur Signals with competing social media analysis platforms

Symplur Signals is the only social media analytics tool on the market that is entirely designed for healthcare. Such a purpose built tool gives its users a completely different experience, unique healthcare powers and better outcomes compared to the generic tools.

Symplur SignalsGeneric tools
Healthcare DatabaseImmediate access to the Healthcare Social Graph® database with billions of healthcare tweets and up to 8 years of history.With the generic social media tools, you typically start from scratch building up your own tracking terms with no assistance nor historical insight.
Topic ClassificationThe Healthcare Social Graph® comes with a ready-made healthcare classification – billions of tweets have already been categorized across 15,000 healthcare topics ready for you to select.The generics provides no healthcare intelligence. Do you want to track all non-small cell lung cancer conversations? Too bad. The generics have no built-in taxonomy to tell you where they take place.
Stakeholder SegmentationMillions of public influencers have already been categorized according to their healthcare stakeholder segmentation(Doctors, HCPs, Pharma, etc.).Need to analyze conversations from physicians regarding CRISPR? With the generic tools you need to spend time manually segmenting these profiles before you can even start your analysis.
Influencers AnalysisOver a million healthcare influencers have been identified and given a Healthcare Social Graph Score (think Klout for healthcare), providing users with trustworthy KOL lists and unprecedented influence accuracy.The generic tools rank people with a very narrow dataset and with no understanding of healthcare using limited history and rudimentary algorithms like “mentions, tweets, impressions, followers, etc.”. This results in untrustworthy and incomplete lists.
Content AnalysisTrending topicsmost important tweets, top articles shared are ranked using SymplurRank – an algorithm that takes into account people’s stakeholder segmentation, influence on the healthcare topic at hand and trust received from peers.The generic tools have no way to correctly remove spam and reliably ignore engagement from low-quality accounts. What you get is a unweighted ranked list that is susceptible to bot activity, fake engagement and cheating.
Noise vs. SignalThe clearest way to see the benefit of a healthcare optimized product is how easy it is to remove the noise in Symplur Signals. With one button you can focus on just the stakeholder segments you need (Doctors, etc.) and immediately you see all signals and no noise.The generic tools have no built-in way to get to the real quality conversations in a noisy environment since the tools have no understanding of who the people are and what roles they have. You are left to fend for yourself.
Trusted for ResearchOver 200 published journal articles have used or referenced Symplur Signals data. It’s been used by all the largest academic institutions around the world.No generic social media listening tool has the level of research usage as Symplur Signals for healthcare.