Stay on top of the most important healthcare tweets

Engagement Analysis

How much interest did the latest conference elicit? Which stakeholder group tweeted the most? Which tweets went viral? Which tweets sparked true back-and-forth discussions? 

Not all tweets are equal. Our platform evaluates the importance of every conversation based on who shared it and who engaged with it, as well as their stakeholder status and influence in the healthcare industry. The Engagement Analysis highlights the most impactful tweets and discussion threads for any clinical trial.

Our engagement analysis measures levels of engagement activity—quantifying tweets, participants, and levels of activity by stakeholder group, for instance. It also surfaces the tweets with the most retweets, indicating what people thought was most noteworthy or important to share. And it reveals those with the most replies, where people make the effort to engage in a back and forth dynamic. 

Engagement analysis helps you easily grasp what resonated the most and determine who and what is driving the healthcare conversations.