Curated by humans and enriched by machine learning: the Healthcare Social Graph® is the neural network of public healthcare conversations, influencers, and content.

Healthcare Social Graph®

The Healthcare Social Graph is the world’s largest database of its kind with billions of datapoints and a decade of history.

Symplur collects, cleans, categorizes and enriches open public social media conversations related to tens of thousands of healthcare topics in real-time.

The starting place is Twitter, with its outsized and leading role in public healthcare conversations. From there we pull in millions of shared content pieces from news media, scientific journals, forums, blogs and other social networks like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook.

What’s being tracked: Any mention of the tens of thousands of healthcare-related keywords, phrases, user accounts, urls, domains, hashtags, and cashtags.

Enriching Everything with Healthcare Meta Data

  • Journal articles are identified and linked to their PubMed and DOI identifiers, and Altmetric data is surfaced to highlight attention metrics.
  • KOLs and influencers are segmented by their healthcare stakeholder status and given an overall impact metric with the Healthcare Social Graph Score.
  • Conversations are categorized according to our healthcare taxonomy for further analysis and filtering.
  • Content that is shared is summarized and analyzed with NLP algorithms.
  • Physicians and HCPs have their profiles linked to other identifiers such as NPI numbers or internal enterprise ID numbers.
  • Healthcare conferences and medical congresses are captured along with meta data on topics, dates, and location.

This neural network of insights found in the Healthcare Social Graph can be viewed from several different angles

  • Broad longitudinal analysis of diseases like Multiple Myeloma.
  • Time sensitive conversations from medical meetings like ASCO’s Annual Meeting.
  • Hyper-focused analysis of HCP discussions around SGLT2-related clinical trials results.
  • All provider or patient interactions around an account like @pfizer.
  • The complete debate resulting from a specific article and url like “…
  • Follower audience analysis of an account like @CircAHA.
  • Individual KOL analysis of healthcare impact for a profile like @hjluks.

The Healthcare Social Graph is the world’s largest database of its kind with billions of datapoints and a decade of history. Every month, millions of conversations, influencers and articles are analyzed, enriched and added to this neural network.

The Symplur Signals platform and the Symplur API are the only two products with exclusive access to the insights from the Healthcare Social Graph®.

Healthcare Social Graph Score
Example of an individual KOL analysis from the Healthcare Social Graph.