Neural network of healthcare conversations

Healthcare Social Graph®

The vast neural network of public healthcare communities, conversations, and people, hand-curated by Symplur and powered by machine learning.

The raw and unstructured social media data that has been processed by Symplur’s technology platform results in what is known as the Healthcare Social Graph. The Healthcare Social Graph is better described as a neural network made up of billions of data points that map the interconnections and interactions between people, organizations, healthcare topics and conversations in social media. It also contains millions of healthcare influencers we have analyzed the impact from during the last ten years.

We apply our proprietary Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to filter, organize, and segment the raw and unstructured social media data we gather. We also analyze and enrich the raw data with pertinent content such as healthcare stakeholder identification and meta data from published academic research.

With our products, Symplur Signals and Symplur API, we offer you a data analytics tool with the most accurate and trustworthy healthcare social media data available in the market.