Segmenting important voices in healthcare

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Healthcare Stakeholder Segmentation

Healthcare Stakeholder Segmentation was developed to identify and categorize the people behind the conversations. Using public data available, users who self-identify and/or their public bios, our machine learning models and algorithms, combined with human evaluation and quality control, we automatically categorize the top influencers of any given healthcare topic.

In any conversation, especially in online conversations, to extract insights and intelligence it is critical to know and understand who the people are, and in our case, their specific role in healthcare. This knowledge not only provides the ability to contextualize the conversation but also the ability to attribute weight and authority to what is being said.

The power of our Healthcare Stakeholder Segmentation is clearly evident when you analyze healthcare topics segmented by stakeholders (e.g. doctors, patients, etc). Analyze the data of one or more healthcare stakeholders at the same time in a high-level overview, or compare and contrast one stakeholder against another (e.g. doctors and patients) and analyze their sentiments, trending words, etc.

Our main goal in building this functionality is to provide you with an easy way to listen to specific stakeholder voices in healthcare. Often times the people that we need to listen to cannot be heard above the other louder voices in a particular topic. Our stakeholder segmentation identifies who they are and elevates those quieter voices to help you tune in to what they are saying.