The Weekly Scoop in Healthcare Social Media #37

The Weekly Scoop in Healthcare Social Media #37

The Power of Mobile


This short presentation is a must watch for all healthcare providers. Susannah Fox, the leading researcher on online healthcare, is talking about the new frontier – The Power of Mobile.

“The access revolution is over. Mobile is changing us, changing our frame of reference so that we see information as portable, personalized, and participatory.

Health care has a marvelous opportunity tap in to our ancient instincts to share and our modern ability to do so at internet speed.

Build on the new frontier. Build on the power of mobile.”

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Social Media Can Boost Practice Success


“Our lack of presence will lead to loss of trust with the public; therefore, this is a critical time for us to demonstrate our value to the public as practitioners,” Dr. Jeffrey Benabio said. “The more comfortable people are with nonphysicians, the more difficult it will be for us to fight nonphysicians’ expansion of their scope of practice.”

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Man becomes mayor of own colon

Here’s some Friday humor!

“In an effort to ride the mobile “check-in” wave, Porch Hospital and Clinics has been encouraging patients to use FourSquare, FaceBook and other mobile location applications to “check-in” with every clinical appointment. The hospital hopes to encourage loyalty and repeat visits by rewarding return visitors with discounts, incentives to explore other clinical services, and a ranking feature that recognizes frequent visitors.”

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Healthcare Social Media in Practice

“Healthcare Social Media in Practice” is our pick of the week display of great social media execution in the healthcare industry

Living With ADHD


A best practice example of how a YouTube Channel can be a powerful tool within healthcare. This popular YouTube channel was created by Janssen-Cilag, a J&J pharmaceutical company, to explore what it’s like to live with ADHD–and to tackle some of the most common issues surrounding the condition.

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About The Scoop

At Symplur we’re committed to providing you as professional healthcare provider with everything you need to understand, position yourself, and to take advantage of the fundamental shift that is taking place in marketing a medical practice.

To that end, each week this page will highlight best practices in healthcare social media that we have come across on the web or from healthcare conferences in order to further your knowledge of the opportunities before you.

We will showcase both healthcare social media consultants and experts who speak out on the subject, as well as those sites that demonstrate what we feel are the best in healthcare social media with examples of how to put the concept of a healthcare online presence to work for their healthcare businesses.

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