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Medical Library Association National Annual Conference "Building Our Information Future" Chicago, IL
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Medical Library Association nonprofit, educational organization with more than 4,000 health sciences information professional members and partners worldwide. Chicago, IL 2014 Annual conference

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Helping each other reflect on our development, #ReOTD is for healthcare leaders to reflect on their leadership development. ReOTD stands for Reflection of the day.

Health IT Marketing and PR Conference
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The first of its kind marketing & PR event focused solely on healthcare B2B marketing happening April 7-8 in Las Vegas. This event is bringing together the top leaders in health IT marketing and PR.

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The National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (@NCCRT), members and affiliates are hosting a live Twitter chat on 3/27/14 at 1 pm EST to discuss the 80% by 2018 colorectal cancer screening goal and the needs for advocacy and integrated action from many stakeholder groups.

The 2014 Health IT Philippines Conference
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The 2014 Health IT Philippines Conference brings together health IT leaders, clinician stakeholders, & project implementers to address issues & challenges in hospital IT implementations, share lessons learned from successful projects & propose strategies to redesign clinical workflows.

Connecting the dots, accessing the patient
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Meet up to get ultimate knowledge and sharing vision and opinion on key relevant topics with experts on the new communications landscape in the generic medicine market across Europe.

Healthcare Social Media Blogs

Social Conversations from Doctors 2.0 & You in Paris

One of the joys of having large data sets about the past is the opportunity to learn from observing patterns. And from observing patterns you may be able to give some predictions about the future. Join the discovery process by looking at the infographic in this post while comparing it to the infographic from last year. We recently wrote about …

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Healthcare Social Media is still growing exponentially – Just look at #HIMSS14

Have we reached peak growth of healthcare social media? The numbers we are seeing doesn’t seem to indicate so. More and more stakeholders in healthcare wether they are patients, providers or other third parties are still flocking to the social web in greater and greater numbers. Just look at what the healthcare conference #HIMSS14 accomplished this week. The graph below …

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Severn School of Emergency Medicine Social Media Conference
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Regional trainee conference with a focus on Social Media and I.T. In enhancing education within Emergency Medicine. The day will include an introduction to Social media and the concept of FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation), workshops to get everyone started, google hangouts to showcase educational value worldwide, advice from users including the President of the College, Cliff Mann. Other speakers …

J P Morgan Healthcare Conference
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32nd J P Morgan Healthcare Conference, San Francisco

43rd Annual Critical Care Congres, Society of Critical Care Medicine
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When the right people come together in one place, ideas become reality. SCCM’s 43rd Critical Care Congress will be a powerhouse of creative and inspirational ideas for the critical care field. We invite you to join more than 4,000 critical care clinicians in San Francisco, California, USA, where innovation will meet at the intersection of technology and medicine. Novel discoveries …

Healthcare Internet Conference 2013
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The first Annual Healthcare Internet Conference was held at Bally's in Las Vegas in 1996. Now going into its 17th year, the conference strives to educate the healthcare industry on emerging Internet technology. The mission of the Conference is to provide an environment in which healthcare Marketers, Web leaders, IT professionals and Strategists can learn from both the other attendees …

DIA’s 8th Annual Conference: The New Clinical Research Environment in India: Implications and Opportunities
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The pharmaceutical industry is at an inflexion with momentous changes staring it in the face. In India too, issues with investment, research, and intellectual property indicate a new environment that has both implications and opportunity. The DIA’s 8th Annual Conference brings together academia, industry, regulators and researchers to come together to discuss the new environment for health care product development …

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PCAMchat is a Twitter Chat that will take place on Monday, September 30th from 1pm PT until 2pm PT. It will be hosted by urologist Dr. Matthew Cooperberg @dr_coops of UCSF to wrap up Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Topics discussed will include the PSA controversy, prostate cancer overtreatment, and recent discoveries.

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Twitter chat discussing sports related concussions in kids. The chat will bring together prominent researchers, public advocates, certified athletic trainers, and medical professional to discuss tips and guidance for parents, trainers, coaches and athletes. Provide best practices for recognizing and treating concussions in kids.

I Simposio Medicina Web 2.0
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El Primer Simposio Medicina Web 2.0 sobre Tecnologia aplicada a la medicina. se llevara a cabo el dia 20 de septiembre de 2013 en las instalaciones del Hospital Universidad Del Norte.

Redes Sociales y Networking para Fisioterapeutas
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Jornada sobre Fisioterapia en Redes Sociales y Networking. Sábado 21 de Septiembre, 2013. El principal objetivo de este encuentro es trasladar al mayor número de fisioterapeutas las muchas ventajas que ofrecen los entornos 2.0 en el plano profesional y contagiarlos de la necesidad de incorporar las redes sociales a su trabajo diario, como una herramienta de ayuda en el acercamiento …

Avances en neurobiología del dolor. Sevilla Junio-Julio 2013
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Hastag sobre el Curso de Avances en neurobiología del Dolor impartido por Rafael Torres y organizado por el Ilustre Colegio de Fisioterapeutas de Andalucía

The American Hospital Association - Patient Engagement
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The American Hospital Association (@ahahospitals) will host a Twitter Chat focusing on patient engagement on Monday, September 16, from 11:00 – Noon ET. The chat will feature information and case studies pulled from the AHA’s Committee on Research 2012 report, Engaging Health Care Users: A Framework for Healthy Individuals and Communities. This report highlights best practices from hospitals and health …

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