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#80by2018Healthcare Tweet Chats, , , ,
The National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (@NCCRT), members and affiliates are hosting a live Twitter chat on 3/27/14 at 1 pm EST to discuss the 80% b…
#AHAengageHealthcare ConferencesThe American Hospital Association - Patient Engagement
16th September 2013
, ,
The American Hospital Association (@ahahospitals) will host a Twitter Chat focusing on patient engagement on Monday, September 16, from 11:00 - Noon E…
#allnycem2013Healthcare ConferencesALL NYC Emercency Medicine Conference
13th March 2013
, ,
The premier City Wide biannual conference on medical education in Emergency Medicine. Brings together over 10 residencies in the NYC area. www.allnyc…
#ALLNYCEM7Healthcare ConferencesAll NYC Emergency Medicine Conference
27th August 2014
All NYC Emergency Medicine Conference, Inc. is a 501c non-profit organization dedicated to the education of emergency medicine residents. Founded by …
#artscape2014Healthcare ConferencesArtscape Baltimore 2014
18th July 2014 – 20th July 2014
, , ,
Artscape is America's largest free arts festival, attracting 350,000+ attendees over three days. Artscape features fine artists and craftspeople and p…
#asannaCOREHealthcare ConferencesAustralian Student and Novice Nurse Association CORE
3rd December 2014 – 4th December 2014
, , , ,
asannaCORE is an exciting two day workshop to train our team in all the things required to be part of running a successful national organisation. This…
#BCMBeatsRegular, , , , , , , , ,
#BCMTalksHealthcare ConferencesBCM Talks
24th September 2012
, , , , , , ,
BCM Talks is a GE Healthcare initiative. An ePatient of breast cancer will share her experience live via video-streaming and Twitter. All the Twitter …
#BDI1Healthcare ConferencesSocial Communications & Healthcare: Case Studies and Roundtables
19th July 2012
, ,
The 4th annual Social Communications & Healthcare: Case Studies and Roundtables will demonstrate new examples of how leading healthcare brands are…
#CCC43Healthcare Conferences43rd Annual Critical Care Congres, Society of Critical Care Medicine
9th January 2014 – 13th January 2014
, , , , , , ,
When the right people come together in one place, ideas become reality. SCCM’s 43rd Critical Care Congress will be a powerhouse of creative and …
#CHA13Healthcare ConferencesConnected Health Asia
24th June 2013 – 27th June 2013
, , , ,
Researched with industry peers based in Asia, Connected Health Asia provides a comprehensive platform for healthcare institutions and solutions provid…
#CHPCA12Healthcare ConferencesCanadian Hospice Palliative Care Association Learning In
1st June 2012 – 3rd June 2012
, , , , , , ,
The Canadian Hospice Palliative Association?s 2012 conference is going to be different. The best and brightest faculty in the hospice palliative care …
#Colfisio21Healthcare ConferencesRedes Sociales y Networking para Fisioterapeutas
21st September 2013
Jornada sobre Fisioterapia en Redes Sociales y Networking. Sábado 21 de Septiembre, 2013. El principal objetivo de este encuentro es trasladar …
#colfisiodolorHealthcare ConferencesAvances en neurobiología del dolor. Sevilla Junio-Julio 2013
20th June 2013 – 13th July 2013
Hastag sobre el Curso de Avances en neurobiología del Dolor impartido por Rafael Torres y organizado por el Ilustre Colegio de Fisioterapeutas …
#Collab2014Healthcare ConferencesCollaborative Forum - Using IT to Improve Clinical Outcomes
28th October 2014
, ,
A Collaborative Forum to share initiatives where quality of clinical care has been improved through the use of Information Technology Services
#dagenspatientRegular, , ,
#DDW15Healthcare ConferencesDigestive Disease Week 2015
16th May 2015 – 19th May 2015
, , , ,
Recognized as one of the top 50 medical meetings by the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association, Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) is the worl…
#descubrelapsoriasisHealthcare Tweet Chats, ,
Con motivo del día mundial de la Psoriasis, LEO Pharma tiene quiere que la gente se sensibilice con una enfermedad que afecta a 3 de cada 100 persona…
#DHCXHealthcare ConferencesDigital Health Communication Extravaganza
15th February 2012 – 17th February 2012
Come join us for a deep dive into the digital age as it relates to health communication, education, information, monitoring, marketing, and new media.…
#DIAIT13Healthcare ConferencesDIA’s 8th Annual Conference: The New Clinical Research Environment in India: Implications and Opportunities
24th October 2013 – 26th October 2013
, , , , , ,
The pharmaceutical industry is at an inflexion with momentous changes staring it in the face. In India too, issues with investment, research, and inte…
#EGA20Healthcare ConferencesConnecting the dots, accessing the patient
26th June 2014
, , , , ,
Meet up to get ultimate knowledge and sharing vision and opinion on key relevant topics with experts on the new communications landscape in the generi…
#EHPS2014Healthcare ConferencesEuropean Health Psychology Society Conference
26th August 2014 – 30th August 2014
, , ,
European Health Psychology Society Annual Conference in Innsbruck, Austria, August 26-30. The European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) is a professi…
#entorno20FTHealthcare ConferencesEntornos 2.0 para fisioterapeutas
2nd September 2014 – 20th September 2014

Entornos 2.0 para fisioterapeutas (Twitter, blogs, nuevas tecnologías)
#Hcic13Healthcare ConferencesHealthcare Internet Conference 2013
4th November 2013 – 6th November 2013
, ,
The first Annual Healthcare Internet Conference was held at Bally's in Las Vegas in 1996. Now going into its 17th year, the conference strives to…

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