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Severn School of Emergency Medicine Social Media Conference
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Regional trainee conference with a focus on Social Media and I.T. In enhancing education within Emergency Medicine. The day will include an introduction to Social media and the concept of FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation), workshops to get everyone started, google hangouts to showcase educational value worldwide, advice from users including the President of the College, Cliff Mann. Other speakers …

Developing your skills in Social Media: Twitter
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This conference will provide a practical guide to developing your skills, as an individual clinician or healthcare manager, or as an NHS Trust on twitter. With in depth interactive masterclasses for beginners to help you get started, to a more advanced stream for those already using twitter this conference will help you to ensure you are using twitter in the …

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Let's try to write a commentary paper on Twitter! Join in!

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Dr. James Rawson, Warren Professor and Chair of the Department of Radiology in GRU’s Medical College of Georgia and Medical Director and Chief of Radiology at Georgia Regents Medical Center, will give a lecture at 1 PM with timed tweets from his account sent out on how healthcare and social media tie together. A live Twitter chat with GRU's Social …

NHSOrkney Twitter Meeting
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Introduction to Twitter use as a professional tool for learning, engaging and sharing.

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This is a tweet chat for clinical trials professionals who want to get a better understanding of how to use social media. It will take place between 12:00pm-12:30pm EST. Follow @clin_trials, @trialsonline, @rebarinter, @GCPworks

Crash Course in Twitter & Social Media, BMJ/IHI International Forum in Quality & Safety
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A Crash Course in Twitter & Social Media for Healthcare Improvement, BMJ/IHI International Forum on Quality & Safety, 16-19 April 2013, London, UK.

UCSF GME Grand Rounds: From Twitter to Tenure - Social Media and Medicine
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A panel discussion about the use of social media in academic medicine. Panelists: Michelle Lin, MD Jessica Schumer, MD Alex Smith, MD Eric Widera, MD

UCSF Education Day 2013
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Healthcare Conferences | Topics: , ,

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Ideagoras 2012 … Healthcare in a New Social & Connected World

I’m too excited to wait, so I’ll just get right to the point.  I’m both thrilled and honored to be speaking at the “Ideagoras 2012” conference in Madrid on the 22nd of November.  I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to share my perspective on a topic that’s been a passion of mine, to be associated with such an impressive list …

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Fisioterapia y Redes Sociales
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El principal objetivo de este encuentro es trasladar al mayor número de fisioterapeutas las numerosas ventajas que ofrecen los entornos 2.0 en el plano profesional y contagiarlos de la necesidad de incorporar las redes sociales a su trabajo diario, como una herramienta de ayuda en el acercamiento a los pacientes, una inmejorable vía de comunicación entre compañeros y una forma …

Twitter for Healthcare … 50 Million tweets and counting

Health, whether our own or that of someone close to us, carries a high level of importance, interest, and ultimately common ground.  And because of that we tend to talk about it.  We seek knowledge and support.  And with the rise of healthcare social media our ability connect with those who share our desire to converse and learn from one …

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TEDMED Curator Jay Walker is doing a Twitter Q&A next Thurs, 2pmET, tag Qs with #askTEDMED:

Speaking personally: where to give voice to healthcare interests on the social web

We are all aware of the importance of discoverability on the Internet. We understand that blog posts which cannot be found, regardless of their quality, will not be read. We therefore take pains to optimise our content for search engines by electing to use natural language search terms as post titles, and judiciously tagging posts and images with keywords. However, …

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The Healthcare Hashtag Project Celebrates a Birthday

It was 1:20 AM, one year ago today … October 26, 2010.  Audun Utengen and I were communicating via IM as we were placing some final touches on a little side project that we had been feverishly working on.  It seemed about as ready as it ever would, so we hit the publish button and shared the project openly for …

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Healthcare Twitter Transcripts

It’s been almost two months since we launched the Healthcare Hashtag Project and we have done a few incremental updates since then, but today we’re excited to announce some great new features that we hope will be useful for the community.   1,000,000 Healthcare Tweets! Since the start of the project we have been creating an archive of all tweets …

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Healthcare Hashtags and the Tweet Chat

Phase I Reaction  -  The Healthcare Hashtag Project I LOVE opportunities like this!  A chance to thank so many people for their help, and so many more for their interest and support. Three weeks ago I wrote to you about the launch of our “Healthcare Hashtag Project“.  An effort to bring greater order and discovery to the many healthcare conversations …

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Healthcare Hashtags – a Social Project

Twitter was All So Simple When Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, (aka @jack) sent his first tweet it was pretty simple and straight forward. Furthermore, if anyone wanted to find his tweet, that was pretty simple too, because Jack’s tweet was the very first tweet … ever!  So there wasn’t much competition.  It didn’t fall unbelievably far down everyone’s home-feed in …

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