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#ACTsocialHealthcare Tweet Chats
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This is a tweet chat for clinical trials professionals who want to get a better understanding of how to use social media. It will take place between 1…
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#CAPTwitterWorkshopHealthcare Conferences
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The College of American Pathologists' workshop for twitter use
#quality4Healthcare Conferences
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A Crash Course in Twitter & Social Media for Healthcare Improvement, BMJ/IHI International Forum on Quality & Safety, 16-19 April 2013, London…
#GardnerRoundsHealthcare Conferences
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Houston Methodist Hospital (@MethodistHosp) Department of Pathology Grand Rounds on 4/5/2016 will feature @JMGardnerMD discussing "Pathology Research …
#NHSO13Healthcare Conferences
Introduction to Twitter use as a professional tool for learning, engaging and sharing.
#MeDiMADHealthcare Conferences
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MeDiMAD (Digital Medicine Madrid) is a 2 day event that brings together the leading influencers & stakeholders on digital health in Spain. From di…
#GRHealthChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
Dr. James Rawson, Warren Professor and Chair of the Department of Radiology in GRU’s Medical College of Georgia and Medical Director and Chief o…

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