Prostate cancer and social media

A healthcare social media research article published in Nature Reviews Urology, April 10, 2018

Prostate cancer and social media
Authors (alpha)
Aisha Langford, Matthew S Katz, Nataliya Byrne, Shannon Ciprut, Stacy Loeb
April 10, 2018
Nature Reviews Urology
A healthcare social media research article published in Nature Reviews Urology, April 10, 2018


The use of social media is increasing globally and is employed in a variety of ways in the prostate cancer community. In addition to their use in research, advocacy, and awareness campaigns, social media offer vast opportunities for education and networking for patients with prostate cancer and health-care professionals, and many educational resources and support networks are available to patients with prostate cancer and their caregivers. Despite the considerable potential for social media to be employed in the field of prostate cancer, concerns remain - particularly regarding the maintenance of patient confidentiality, variable information quality, and possible financial conflicts of interest. A number of professional societies have, therefore, issued guidance regarding social media use in medicine. Social media are used extensively in other cancer communities, particularly among patients with breast cancer, and both the quantity and type of information available are expected to grow in the future.

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