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A Guide to Understanding Healthcare Hashtags

PM Live, April 18, 2011

Part of our responsibility with this service would be to help decrease the barriers to entry. To help clinicians get comfortable with social media, and to easily find effective ways to engage. During a conversation with Audun Utengen, who oversees our online presence, I was lamenting the fact that as helpful as hashtags were, they’re a bit random. People create their own hashtags, so consistent use of a single hashtag for a single topic can be elusive. That’s when I became obsessive again. The thought was that if we could curate the many Twitter hashtags being used in healthcare, link them to one another and to their broader subject matter, then perhaps we could help bring all these conversations and people together. And that’s where the Healthcare Hashtag Project was born.

(…) The development of this project, with so much wonderful community input, has already come a long way from its origins in terms of the number of hashtags tracked and the amount of related data presented.

— PM Live
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