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Clinical Insights from Social Media Data: Amplifying Patient Voice with Symplur

Healthcare IT Today, May 31, 2017

I had a conversation with Audun Utengen about actionable insights into healthcare from his company, Symplur. At Datapalooza he participated in a panel and mentioned the rich amount of patient data that can be found on twitter (shocked gasp followed by a furrowed brow). Symplur signals tracks online engagement. You can find healthcare insights from conversations really quickly. (…) Patient’s online discussion have positive impacts on organizations. The key is to be proactive about patient engagement online. (…) The sheer volume of social data can mask its usefulness. Online activity and data can be difficult to process for many clinicians. In a world of ever-increasing data and patients reporting everything from steps taken a day to now online behavior many providers have data overload. Data insight tools such as Symplur filter data into a format that allows physicians and systems to use it to improve patient outcomes.

— Healthcare IT Today
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