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Digital Marketing Conference for Pharma & Healthcare
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DigiSights India 2013 is a first of its kind 1-day ‘Digital Marketing Conference for Pharma & Healthcare’ in Mumbai, India for Pharmaceutical Marketers. Well known national & international speakers will speak about their experience about digital projects in healthcare. Apart from interesting panel discussions, the topics covered will be social media and its impact, mobile based solutions, using Digital for …

Digital innovation in mental health
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A participant-led day bringing people together to share ideas, questions, innovations and solutions – from the tiny and hyper-local to the big and bold

The Digital Age
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Seminar and workshop with MIT and local digi health solutions on changing the conversation between professionals and service users through digital technology

E-Mental Health: Harnessing the Power of Digital for Better Mental Health
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HS South of England (East) cordially invites you to the e-Mental Health Conference. The event will explore and promote the benefits of digital technology in supporting and promoting mental health. The E-Mental Health Conference aims to showcase innovative initiatives and engage delegates so that they can understand more fully the range of opportunities available through digital technology. In addition to …

Connecting Healthcare & Social Media
Healthcare Conferences | Topics: , , , , , NYC Health Business Leaders has teamed up with social media powerhouse Mayo Clinic and leading NY hospital system Continuum Health Partners to bring best-in-class social media education to healthcare professionals in the tri-state area, and beyond. This dynamic and interactive 2-day conference will feature national #hcsm thinkers and practitioners including Lee Aase and Dr. Farris Timimi (Mayo Clinic Center …

Doctors 2.0 & You 4th Edition - Paris
Doctors 2.0 & You 4th Edition - Paris