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#AGO16Healthcare Conferences
Anesthesia for Global Outreach
7th October 2016 – 9th October 2016
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This conference will offer anesthesia providers the skills and knowledge to work both safely and responsibly in the low-resource setting. Target Audie…
#BRT2016Healthcare Conferences
Bethune Round Table 2016
3rd June 2016 – 4th June 2016
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The Bethune Round Table (BRT) is an annual interdisciplinary scientific meeting hosted at a Canadian academic centre to discuss challenges and solutio…
#ot24vx14Healthcare Conferences
Occupational Therapy Virtual Exchange 2014
3rd November 2014 – 4th November 2014
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5th annual occupational therapy 24-hour long online conference (OT24Vx). Brings occupational therapy practitioners, researchers, students together for…
#GHFilm2015Healthcare Conferences
Global health film festival
30th October 2015 – 31st October 2015
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The Global Health Film Festival believes that film has the power to communicate stories, to stir emotions, to inspire, to encourage action and to redr…
#16thIHWCHealthcare Conferences
International Health Workforce Collaborative
24th October 2016 – 28th October 2016
The 16th International Health Workforce Research Collaborative (IHWC) will take place in Washington, DC at the Association of American Medical College…

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