Health Information Management Hashtags

Hashtag Type Topics and Description
#AHIMACon12Healthcare ConferencesThe 84th AHIMA Convention & Exhibit
1st October 2012 – 3rd October 2012
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The 84th AHIMA Convention & Exhibit will draw HIM professionals from all areas of health informatics and information management for a week-long fo…
26th October 2013 – 30th October 2013
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The 85th AHIMA Convention and Exhibit will draw health information management (HIM) thought leaders and professionals and healthcare executives from a…
#AHIMACon14Healthcare ConferencesDigital Media Marketing Manager
27th September 2014 – 2nd October 2014
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The AHIMA Convention & Exhibit takes place at a critical point in health information history, making the convention a must-attend event for profe…
#AOE14Healthcare Conferences2014 Assembly on Education Symposium
26th July 2014 – 30th July 2014
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Join more than 400 faculty & staff members from across the nation for the 2014 Assembly on Education Symposium/Faculty Development Institute as th…
#HillDay14Healthcare ConferencesAHIMA Leadership and Advocacy Symposium and Hill Day
17th March 2014 – 18th March 2014
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The Leadership and Advocacy Symposium is a one-day collaborative educational conference that brings AHIMA’s leadership together to engage in dial…
#HIMAA12Healthcare ConferencesHIMAA 2012 Conference
29th October 2012 – 31st October 2012

The Health Information Management Association of Australia's 2012 Conference on "Surfing the Wave of Health Reform" will focus on the c…