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#AHIMACon12Healthcare ConferencesThe 84th AHIMA Convention & Exhibit
1st October 2012 – 3rd October 2012
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The 84th AHIMA Convention & Exhibit will draw HIM professionals from all areas of health informatics and information management for a week-long fo…
26th October 2013 – 30th October 2013
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The 85th AHIMA Convention and Exhibit will draw health information management (HIM) thought leaders and professionals and healthcare executives from a…
#AHIMACon14Healthcare ConferencesDigital Media Marketing Manager
27th September 2014 – 2nd October 2014
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The AHIMA Convention & Exhibit takes place at a critical point in health information history, making the convention a must-attend event for profe…
#AOE14Healthcare Conferences2014 Assembly on Education Symposium
26th July 2014 – 30th July 2014
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Join more than 400 faculty & staff members from across the nation for the 2014 Assembly on Education Symposium/Faculty Development Institute as th…
#HillDay14Healthcare ConferencesAHIMA Leadership and Advocacy Symposium and Hill Day
17th March 2014 – 18th March 2014
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The Leadership and Advocacy Symposium is a one-day collaborative educational conference that brings AHIMA’s leadership together to engage in dial…
#HIMAA12Healthcare ConferencesHIMAA 2012 Conference
29th October 2012 – 31st October 2012

The Health Information Management Association of Australia's 2012 Conference on "Surfing the Wave of Health Reform" will focus on the c…

National Council for Behavioral Health
American Association of Suicidology