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#wcn2015Healthcare Conferences
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On behalf of the World Federation of Neurology, Sociedad de Neurologia, Psiquiatria y Neurocirugia, Chile and Kenes International, we wish to thank yo…
#ConceptosUCHealthcare Conferences
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Determined to deliver leading-edge knowledge in Emergency Medicine, Conceptos UC is a non profit conference held annually in Santiago, Chile. With a …
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#Conceptos15Healthcare Conferences
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“CONCEPTOS” is a non-profit conference with a mission to provide quality education & training to our national ED physicians and other Spanish …
#Conceptos16Healthcare Conferences
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Conceptos es un curso organizado por el Programa en Medicina de Urgencia de la Universidad Católica de Chile de actualización en patologías que se…
#ConceptosGlobalHealthcare Conferences
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Conceptos Global is an online conference in Emergency Medicine organized by the Emergency Medicine Section from the School of Medicine at PUC. The sty…
#saludypobrezaHealthcare Conferences
1ra Conferencia de Salud y Pobreza en Chile 7, 8 y 9 de Octubre 2011

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