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#phm22Healthcare Conferences
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The Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) conference is the premier educational conference for pediatric hospitalists and other clinicians who care for ho…
#CSIM2013Healthcare Conferences
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Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Annual Meeting from Oct 2 - 5, 2013 in Toronto Canada. Feature conference theme = GIM: Leading Quality Improveme…
#lown2013Healthcare Conferences
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The 2013 invitation-only Lown Conference: From Avoidable Care to Right Care gathers clinicians, patient advocates, and civic leaders to deepen our mut…
#ABIMF2014Healthcare Conferences
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The 2014 ABIM Foundation Forum: Rebooting the System for Service and Satisfaction will focus on how choices in implementation and design of clinical, …
#NZASMHealthcare Conferences
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National Board ASM exploring the theme 'I Can - BUT Should I? Choosing Wisely'. Aug 13-14 2015 in Queenstown, NZ. The conference brings together speak…
#HVPAA2017Healthcare Conferences
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Academic medical centers from across the United States and Canada will come together to celebrate high value care and describe quality improvement pro…
#OKtoAsk2018Healthcare Conferences
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The 2018 Choosing Wisely Australia National Meeting will bring together members, key stakeholders and influencers of the Choosing Wisely initiative, n…
#PODC2018Healthcare Conferences
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Overdiagnosis happens when people get a diagnosis they don’t need. It can happen when people without symptoms are diagnosed and then treated for a d…
#OKtoAsk2019Healthcare Conferences
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A national conference exploring the implementation of the Choosing Wisely initiative in Australia and innovating for culture change around low-value h…

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