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#hcctHealthcare Conferences
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HealthCampCT is the latest in the HealthCamp un-conference series addressing the Transformation of Health Care to a participatory model with active pa…
#hclaHealthcare Conferences
Welcome to We are planning exciting things for HealthCamp Los Angeles. The date is set for Tuesday November 1st, 2011. The Venue is th…
#hcorHealthcare Conferences
HealthCamp Oregon will be a day of discussion on the future of healthcare, happening on October 22nd, 2011. It will be the culmination of 3 terrific d…
#HCDCHealthcare Conferences
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We have over 100 people registered to participate in amongst them we have some Disruptive Women in Health Care. Robin Strongin, Presid…
#hcsd11Healthcare Conferences
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San Diego's HealthCamp community is concerned with the transformation of our health care finance & delivery system via patient or consumer empower…
#hcflaHealthcare Conferences
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Health Camp Florida will be a different kind of meeting, often called an unconference, whereby participants who wish to present come prepared to speak…
#hcsfbayHealthcare Conferences
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HealthCamp SFBay is a HealthCamp. HealthCamp is a national movement led by volunteers focused on putting social media, open source and the best of th…
#hcazHealthcare Conferences
HealthCamp Arizona will be on November 5th.
#hcDFWHealthcare Conferences
We’re organizing to host and offer access to all ‘stakeholders’ in the health and wellness conversation, including citizens, consumers or patien…

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