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#EHRA_ESCHealthcare Conferences
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EHRA Congress (formerly Europace) is the annual congress of the European Heart Rhythm Association - EHRA. EHRA 2019 is the leading European EP confer…
#QmicroHealthcare Conferences
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Event description: http://www.lj.se/infopage.jsf?nodeId=39732 What is a Clinical Microsystem? A microsystem is a small group of interdisciplinary hea…
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#EASCongress2023Healthcare Conferences
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The congress will carry on from the successful recent congress held in Milan and will offer in-person and virtual attendance. During the meeting we wi…
#utswheartHealthcare Conferences
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UT Southwestern team at AHA's Scientific Sessions.
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#acps18Healthcare Conferences
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The Adena Chest Pain Summit, with support from Hippo Education, will bring together leading Emergency Medicine experts, including Dr. Barbra Backus an…
#CHC2013Healthcare Conferences
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From October 17-20th, 2013, the Canadian Hypertension Congress will join forces with the Canadian Stroke Congress, the Canadian Diabetes Association/C…

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