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#MedLabChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Blood Product Utilization and Stewardship via the Medical Laboratory intersection with healthcare
#ASCPSoMeTeamHealthcare Conferences
The ASCP Social Media Team covers the ASCP Annual Meeting and beyond
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#USCAP2020Healthcare Conferences
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USCAP has its eyes on you as you navigate the exhibit hall, posters, platform sessions special courses, Long Course on Major Advances in the Diagnosis…
#uscap2019Healthcare Conferences
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USCAP’s Annual Meeting at National Harbor, Maryland, close to the Capitol, is the magnet for global pathologists to come together to think out loud …
#ASCP2022Healthcare Conferences
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Annual In Person Meeting of American Society of Clinical Pathology
#USCAP2021Healthcare Conferences
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Educational content is available from 9 am PT March 1. Live events start March 13. This includes Q&A sessions for Short Courses, Special Courses, …
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