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#lonelinessDisease Hashtags
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#CommunityNavigatorHealthcare Conferences
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Developing social connections and reducing feelings of loneliness for people with depression and anxiety: Presentation and discussion of study results…
#NotAloneChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Help to raise awareness and share resources on preventing social isolation and loneliness in older adults by attending the #NotAloneChat on May 4, 201…
#LonelinessCOVIDHealthcare Conferences
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Three UKRI Mental Health Networks join forces to paint the current portrait of loneliness in the UK. Accomplished researchers from the Loneliness and …
#LonelyWithLeukaemiaDisease Hashtags
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#OxWellHealthcare Conferences
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Led by Prof Mina Fazel from Oxford University, the OxWell Student Survey is an online study that asks students aged 9-18 years over 200 questions on a…
#EPIChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#EPIChat is a live twitter driven Tweetchat about the emotional and psychological impact of cancer. It was founded by @Noirin0Neill a leukaemia surviv…
#StressChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The Royal's Dr. Gail Beck will tweet tips and take questions on reducing holiday stress!  12/23/2014 @ 2PM ET.
#MHlonelinessHealthcare Conferences
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The negative effects of loneliness and social isolation on physical and mental health are increasingly recognised. People with mental health problems …

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