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#stopthepressureHealthcare Conferences

This conference focuses on the prevention and management of pressure ulcers including monitoring, reporting and improvement.
#pressureulcersHealthcare Conferences

Chaired by Tina Chambers Vice Chair Tissue Viability Society and Tissue Viability Consultant Educator and Advisor Tina Chambers Ltd, this one day CPD …
#PressureUlcerSummitHealthcare Conferences
This summit aimed to bring together tissue viability, wound care leads and senior nurses to discuss the important issue of eliminating avoidable press…
#SPSPPUHealthcare Conferences

Reducing Pressure Ulcers in Care Homes
#ihubACHealthcare Conferences
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#ihubpu2017Healthcare Conferences
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• Share the successes and challenges of pressure ulcer improvement work • Learn about the latest evidence based practice regarding pressure ulce…
#spsp_pu17Healthcare Conferences

National networking day to reduce pressure ulcers in acute settings
#WEssentials2012Healthcare Conferences
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The annual Wound Essentials event is now in its 6th year and continues to provide free, first-class, topical education for generalists who are faced w…

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