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#PriceTransparencyHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Susan Dentzer, senior policy adviser to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, will lead a discussion about efforts across the U.S. to promote transparen…
#CPHCHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The weekly chat of the #CPHC initiative will focus on one initiative, group of similar programs or individual who is significantly changing the needle…
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#drugpricing19Healthcare Conferences
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The Pharmaceutical Drug Pricing Strategies Summit is designed to bring senior pricing and reimbursement leaders to discuss the future of federal and s…
#hcvalueHealthcare Conferences
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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will host a national summit to discuss what’s working—and what’s needed—to improve health care quality and …
#TRNSummit15Healthcare Conferences
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In a consumer-driven economy, patients are increasingly looking for information online when deciding where and from whom to seek care. Accelerate your…

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