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#StoneChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#StoneChat will be a chat occurring around major urology conferences and meetings to discuss current trends in the management of urolithiasis or kidne…
#AEU19Healthcare Conferences
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LXXXIV Congreso Nacional de Urología organizado por la Asociación Española de Urología (AEU) que congrega a más de 1.000 especialistas y profesio…
#siu2013Healthcare Conferences
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33rd congress of the Société International d'Urology in Vancouver, Canada website: http://www.siucongress.org/2013/index.aspx
#eulis17Healthcare Conferences
The meeting aims to convene the best of the best in the field for the highly-significant scientific exchange of the latest advances and research in Ur…
#esuurolithiasis18Healthcare Conferences
The two-day masterclass will comprise of interesting and highly-informative theoretical courses on all aspects of stone disease: pathophysiology, diag…
#eulis19Healthcare Conferences
EULIS19 will offer you essential scientific developments and clinical applications in the pathophysiology, diagnosis, metabolic evaluation, medical an…

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