Social Care Hashtags

Hashtag Type Topics and Description
#advocacychatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , ,
Advocacy chat is a live Twitter- driven event which takes place on the first Thursday of each month. It was founded by Sean Ledington @DudleyAdvocacy1
#AHPsRegular, , , , , ,
#BetterCareFundRegular, , , , , , ,
#cihsummitHealthcare ConferencesCIH Summit
18th March 2013 – 19th March 2013
, , , ,
Delivering housing, health and care outcomes summits. Facilitated by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), and sponsored by Tunstall Healthcare, t…
#COT2014Healthcare ConferencesCollege of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference
3rd June 2014 – 5th June 2014
, , , , , , ,
The College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference is the only UK occupational therapy peer-reviewed conference for the profession. It is also a…
#CYPBillHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , ,
The Children & Young People (Scotland) Bill will improve the wellbeing of children, young people and families across Scotland. On February 19 2014…
#dembkRegular, , , ,
#dementiainbarnetHealthcare ConferencesDementia in Barnet: Early Diagnosis and Support
13th November 2014
, , ,
Event for local health and social care professionals to help with identifying and diagnosing the early signs of dementia. The event will feature case…
#DeprivationoflibertyMCHealthcare ConferencesMasterclass: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
1st July 2014
, , ,
This masterclass will explore the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and examine the practical implications for health care professionals. There will b…
#digihealthhackHealthcare ConferencesDigital Health Hack
30th June 2012
, , , ,
The first Digital Health Conference and Hack, held in Leeds on 29th and 30th June 2012. Co-producing digital and social media solutions to service re-…
#eHealthNI14Healthcare ConferenceseHealth and Care in Northern Ireland: Celebrating success, planning for the future
8th October 2014 – 9th October 2014
, , , , , , ,
Find out how Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI) is transforming care through information and technology, and establishing itself as a wor…
#Expo15NHSHealthcare ConferencesHealth and Care Innovation Expo 2015
2nd September 2015 – 3rd September 2015
, , , , , ,
“The Health and Care Expo is a unique celebration of innovation, enterprise and collaboration and a focal point for health and care leaders, commiss…
#ihmni2013Healthcare ConferencesIHM NI Annual Conference 2013 - Integration and Leadership
7th November 2013 – 8th November 2013
, , ,
Starting with the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony on 7th November, the 2013 IHM Northern Ireland Conference on 8th November focuses on the reality of …
#jswecHealthcare ConferencesJoint Social Work Education Conference (JSWEC)
10th July 2013 – 12th July 2013

JSWEC 2013's themes is Positive Practice in Hard Times. A key thread is about making a difference to service users, carers and communities. There are …
#JusticeforLBRegular, , , ,
#kenthubRegular, , , ,
#LaL15Healthcare ConferencesListening and Learning – from feedback to action
30th January 2015
, , , ,
A masterclass for managers in NHSScotland with responsibility for the capture and management of feedback, comments, concerns and complaints to share f…
#LDnursechatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , ,
Each fortnight a different topic will be selected pertaining to important issues with health and social care provision for those who support, care for…
#liaisondiversionLDNHealthcare ConferencesLiaison and Diversion Trial Site Launch
28th March 2014
, ,
Launch of the North and East London Liaison and Diversion Trial Site, Friday 4th April. Partnership between Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health…
#lpsdhealthHealthcare ConferencesLeadership Programme for Sustainable Development in Health and Social Care Sector
1st May 2014 – 2nd May 2014
, , ,
Leadership programme for Sustainable Health and Social Care, run by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, at Madingley Hall, Cambridge
#MDTchatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , ,
New tweetchat hashtag for ad hoc MDT Tweetchats. First use of this will be at 8pm GMT on Wed April 9th 2014 by Physiotalk, WeNurses and OTalk for a c…
#NCF2014Healthcare ConferencesNational Care Forum: Bringing Quality to Life
20th May 2014 – 21st May 2014
, , , ,
National Care Forum 2014 looks at Bringing Quality to Life. CEOs of not-for-profit health and social care providers will explore regulatory and inspec…
#NCF2015Healthcare ConferencesNational Care Forum Annual Conference 2015
19th May 2015 – 20th May 2015
, , , ,
National Care Forum Annual Conference 2015 will focus on the implementation of the Care Act and the key priorities for providers. Workshops will celeb…
#NCFmgr14Healthcare ConferencesNCF Managers Conference 2014
10th November 2014 – 11th November 2014
, , , , , , , , , ,
Bringing quality to life ...the role of the manager. Front line managers in social care attend this essential 24 hours to learn first-hand about the C…
#nhsalliance14Healthcare ConferencesNHS Alliance Action Summit
4th December 2014
, , , , ,
National conference on primary care, on 4 December, 2014 at RIBA, London. The NHS Alliance Action Summit will bring together leading organisations, in…

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