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#cptsdDisease Hashtags
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#MARACHealthcare Conferences
National MARAC Summit
7th June 2016
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We are pleased to announce the National MARAC Summit. The conference aims to bring together MARAC Chairs, Members and Coordinators to understand curre…
#domesticviolencechatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Weekly Twitter chat to discuss awareness of domestic violence, helpful therapies, and related concepts, while also providing support and information.
#AKAdViolenceHealthcare Conferences
Navigating Risky Relationships: Stategies for Being a Lifesaver
20th September 2012
An symposium discussing strategies to prevent domestic violence with panelist from My Sister's Place, Inc. and Metropolitain DC Police Department…
#MCCCGP17Healthcare Conferences
MCCC Registrar/Supervisor combined conference
11th May 2017 – 13th May 2017
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Murray City Country Coast GP Training's annual whole-of-RTO combined GP registrar/supervisor training conference. Ballarat.
#ANMFDels2015Healthcare Conferences
ANMF Victoria Branch Annual Delegates Conference
25th June 2015 – 26th June 2015
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Conference for delegates representing ANMF members across Victoria.
#ANMFDels15Healthcare Conferences
ANMF Annual Delegates Conference
25th June 2015 – 26th June 2015
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Annual Conference of Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Victoria Branch. Discussing current issues and future directions for the branch and i…
#AWS2015Healthcare Conferences
2015 Australian Winter School Conference
22nd July 2015 – 24th July 2015
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The Australian Winter School is a national drug and alcohol conference presented by Lives Lived Well. Now in its 28th year, it aims to support health …
#3vdgmfHealthcare Conferences
3rd Vasco da Gama Movement Forum
14th September 2016 – 16th September 2016
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The Forum main theme is "Reaching Out For Diverse Populations: Medicine For The Vulnerable". Find more on

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