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#domesticviolencechatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Weekly Twitter chat to discuss awareness of domestic violence, helpful therapies, and related concepts, while also providing support and information.
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#ITNHealTogetherHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#ITNHealTogether is a chat co-hosted by the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies' In That Number campaign and the New Orleans Family Justice Center…
#MARACHealthcare Conferences
National MARAC Summit
7th June 2016
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We are pleased to announce the National MARAC Summit. The conference aims to bring together MARAC Chairs, Members and Coordinators to understand curre…
#LetsTalkDVHealthcare Conferences
Let's Talk About Domestic Violence Community Discussion Panel
24th November 2016

On the eve of White Ribbon Day we will be discussing the important issue of domestic violence in our community, the current responses to victims and p…
#AKAdViolenceHealthcare Conferences
Navigating Risky Relationships: Stategies for Being a Lifesaver
20th September 2012
An symposium discussing strategies to prevent domestic violence with panelist from My Sister's Place, Inc. and Metropolitain DC Police Department…
#ANMFDels2015Healthcare Conferences
ANMF Victoria Branch Annual Delegates Conference
25th June 2015 – 26th June 2015
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Conference for delegates representing ANMF members across Victoria.
#ANMFDels15Healthcare Conferences
ANMF Annual Delegates Conference
25th June 2015 – 26th June 2015
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Annual Conference of Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Victoria Branch. Discussing current issues and future directions for the branch and i…
#AWS2015Healthcare Conferences
2015 Australian Winter School Conference
22nd July 2015 – 24th July 2015
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The Australian Winter School is a national drug and alcohol conference presented by Lives Lived Well. Now in its 28th year, it aims to support health …

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