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#NHSSafeguardingHealthcare Tweet Chats
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NHS ENGLAND wish to create a social movement across our care sector #NHSSafeguarding We can, we must, we will - 👍 Safeguard families & comm…
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The CDC National Center for Injury Control and Prevention are opening up the discussion on violence prevention through Twitter chats using the hashtag…
#WomeninMindHealthcare Conferences
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With the announcement of the Domestic Violence Bill, and the Women’s Mental Health Taskforce established last year, this meeting of the Mental Healt…
#WomenMH18Healthcare Conferences
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To update psychiatrists & other mental health professionals about domestic violence & abuse & a) its relationship with mental health probl…
#DomesticAbuse2018Healthcare Conferences
Network with colleagues who are working to improve the recognition and response to domestic violence Understand the practical implication of the chan…
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#cxbanksHealthcare Conferences
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CXBank$ discusses the intersection of financial abuse, suicide prevention on domestic and family violence victims/ survivors. Recovering from trauma i…
#domesticviolencechatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Weekly Twitter chat to discuss awareness of domestic violence, helpful therapies, and related concepts, while also providing support and information.
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