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#CSAQTHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#CSAQT is a Twitter chat forum aimed at adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. A different topic is discussed each week - peer to peer support.
#WallofSilenceHealthcare Conferences
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The Wall of Silence presents images, stories and poems from people who were abused as children, sharing the impact that has had upon them. The Bournem…
#Helfer2018Healthcare Conferences

Annual meeting of the Ray E. Helfer Society of Child Abuse Pediatricians
#INCiTEstudyHealthcare Conferences
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This research prioritisation day at York University aims to gather new research questions about treating mental health problems associated with a hist…
#ChildAbuse2019Healthcare Conferences

This conference focuses on improving the recognition, assessment and response to child abuse and neglect including implementing the NICE Quality Stand…
#CHILDSPR20Healthcare Conferences
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