HCSM Review #35: How social is changing healthcare content, participatory medicine, insurance indexes and patient support groups

We’re delighted to host the 35th edition of the Health Care Social Media Review. HCSM Review is a biweekly peer-reviewed blog carnival for published posts about social media use in healthcare. The three previous reviews were hosted by ZocDocSocialQI and Mayo Clinic.

There simply could be no healthcare social media without content. Nothing to share or discuss on Twitter, nothing to like on Facebook and nothing to look at on Instagram. In this HCSM Review we take a close look at the topics of content curation, how tweet chats are changing healthcare, how social engagement is used to index health insurance providers and the use of social in assisting real-live support groups for college-age people with diabetes.


Steve Sisko (@ShimCode) sent us the article “Why Content Curation Matters To Healthcare Professionals” which is discussing how healthcare professionals are finding a huge gateway for reaching more potential patients and interested readers. Content curation is at the forefront of the movement to get more ideas and information out to the computer screens of more people.

Marie Ennis (@JBBC) of which we had the pleasure to meet at #doctors20 in Paris this year shared with us a recent article she authored and titled “Can A Hashtag Change Healthcare? The Impact of Healthcare Tweet Chats” that dwells on a topic very near to our heart. “Social media is a radical shift in the way we communicate. The healthcare conversation is no longer a one-way narrative but is evolving into a global, participatory discussion. One of the most powerful ways I see this happening is in the modality of the tweet chat. The role Twitter plays in breaking down patient/provider barriers, disseminating and expanding the reach of healthcare information, widening social networks and co-creating a collaborative model of shared health information is one of the most exciting developments in social media.”

David Harlow (@HealthBlawg) shared with us a very exciting development. In the article “Health Insurance Company Member Engagement Index: The EveryMove 100” a new index is announced which is ranking health insurance companies based on consumer engagement and empowerment to manage their own health debuted this week. Check out David Harlow’s first look.

From Diabetes Innovation (@DiabetesInno) we have news that Christina Roth and her team are building a support system for college-age people with diabetes, combining in-real-life support groups with groups and forums on existing social media platforms. Check out the Diabetes Innovation interview with this diabetes innovator. Read on in the article “College Diabetes Network CEO Christina Roth Networks with Diabetes Innovation“.


Thank you for reading HCSM Review #35. Tom (@tmlfox) and I (@audvin) are hoping we will get a chance to meet some of you at the Medicine X (#medx) conference next month, or perhaps we can interact with you on the tweet stream from Mayo Clinic’s Transform Symposium (#txfm) of which Symplur is a sponsor.

We look forward to the next HCSM Review which will be hosted by Casey Quinlan (@MightyCasey).

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