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#HeadandNeck16Healthcare Conferences
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Topics will include oral cavity, oropharynx, temporomandibular joint imaging, orbital lesions and facial / orbital trauma. There will also be a useful…
#anatsocwinter18Healthcare Conferences
Anatomical Society Winter Meeting 2018 'Anatomies in the virtual realm' 17th-19th December University of York
#ANZACA2021Healthcare Conferences
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Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomy hosted by La Trobe University.
#IFAA2019Healthcare Conferences
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The International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA), which was established in 1903, is the federated body bringing together Associations…
#NASBS2020Healthcare Conferences
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North American Skull Base Society Annual Meeting 2022
#AnatQHealthcare Tweet Chats
This weekly tweetchat will serve as a way to crowdsource answers to anatomy queries from all over the globe. Another goal is for all involved to learn…
#ANZACA2019Healthcare Conferences
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16th annual meeting of Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists. Will be held in Perth, Western Australia from 4-6th December 201…

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