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#birthtrauma18Healthcare Conferences
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International conference focusing on the impact of birth trauma, on the parent (mother and father), child, and health professionals.
#FASTLossChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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FASTLossChat takes place every Thursday 7.30 - 8.30pm GMT discussing First And Second Trimester Loss #FASTLoss #Miscarriage #sectriloss #TFMR #Ectopic…
#BirthTraumaChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#artofbirthHealthcare Conferences
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The annual art of birth summit aims to promote the women-centred physiology of birth and prevent trauma and intervention. It brings together health pr…
#artofbirth16Healthcare Conferences
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The annual art of birth summit brings together midwives, doctors, doulas and physiotherapists, academics and other health professionals from all level…
#peritraining2016Healthcare Conferences
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Perinatal Psychiatry Training course for Consultant Psychiatrists programme included birth trauma PTSD, maternal anxiety
#perinatalMHbeyondbirthHealthcare Conferences
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Profession conference, targeted mainly at midwives, focusing on perinatal mental health, healthcare professional training and support. Talks will be p…

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