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#PerinatalHealthcare Conferences

This conference focuses on the important issue of improving perinatal mental health services.…
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#ESMIHealthcare Conferences
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This is the final stakeholder workshop for the ESMI: Effectiveness of Services for Mothers with Mental Illness programme of research and will include …
#MaternalMHHealthcare Conferences
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This event will focus on maternal mental health, including postnatal depression and postpartum psychosis. It will be run in conjunction with Dorset He…
#PerinatalMHHealthcare Conferences

This conference focuses on improving perinatal mental health services during and beyond Covid-19. By attending this one day conference, you will hear …

#everyonesbusiness relates to a perinatal mental health campaign
#PPTalkHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Join us to talk all things Postpartum Psychosis. Ask questions, chat with others who have recovered from or are experiencing the little known, severe …
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