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#FutureDocsHealthcare Conferences
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This event consists of workshops focused on topics such as medical school admissions and the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) along with a ca…
#ClinSciHealthcare Conferences
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Life as a Clinician-Scientist: The Best of Both Worlds will be a symposium for med students, junior doctors & PhD students focusing on the interse…
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#SPANZ17Healthcare Conferences
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Student Paramedics Australasia New Zealand Conference is being held at Auckland's AUT South Campus, and is themes "A World of Opportunities". The 2 da…
#rcpeCareers17Healthcare Conferences
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This symposium is designed to give people greater insight into a career as a physician and more information on many of the 31 specialities open to phy…
#WIS12Healthcare Conferences
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The WIS symposium is a professional and academic event dedicated to encouraging more women to pursue careers in surgery. The Annual International WIS …
#AWS12Healthcare Conferences
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The fall meeting began in 1981, when Patricia Numann, MD, invited as many women surgeons as she could identify for breakfast at the ACS meeting in San…
#otw19Healthcare Conferences
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‘Future. Ready. You.’ A national Junior Doctor conference & 2nd conference hosted by The conference will focus on delivering …

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