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#unconferenceHealthcare Conferences
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A crowd-source organised conference aimed at developing the field of interprofessional critical care education, training, teamwork and patient-centred…
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#FutureDocsHealthcare Conferences
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This event consists of workshops focused on topics such as medical school admissions and the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) along with a ca…
#safercare14Healthcare Conferences
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The Public Health Agency in partnership with the Health Service Executive & Royal College of Physicians in Ireland wish to announce the first Qual…
#CBME16Healthcare Conferences
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The First World Summit on Competency Based Medical Education is a historic forum for leaders in health professions education to discuss the emerging m…
#InnovHEHealthcare Conferences
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Over the past two years, the Council of Deans of Health and the Higher Education Academy have been working together to explore, promote and disseminat…
#OMEL2017Healthcare Conferences
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The conference brings together educators, regulators and leaders across the osteopathic medical profession to innovate new ideas and perpetuate facult…
#SafeCareNIHealthcare Conferences
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Our 'How Safe is my Care' conference is a unique opportunity to start a public conversation on patient safety and find out what people’s expectation…
#dasTTCHealthcare Conferences
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Think of The Teaching Course as a medical education, social media, and digital media extravaganza designed for any healthcare professional looking to …

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