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#unconferenceHealthcare Conferences
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A crowd-source organised conference aimed at developing the field of interprofessional critical care education, training, teamwork and patient-centred…
#MSE14Healthcare Conferences
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The world of family medicine education is in continual motion. Get the skills and tools you need to prepare your medical students to lead and prosper …
#QmicroHealthcare Conferences
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Event description: http://www.lj.se/infopage.jsf?nodeId=39732 What is a Clinical Microsystem? A microsystem is a small group of interdisciplinary hea…
#FutureDocsHealthcare Conferences
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This event consists of workshops focused on topics such as medical school admissions and the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) along with a ca…
#AAMCMinFacHealthcare Conferences
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Attend to gain real-world guidance and tools for pursuing career advancement in academic medicine. This program will help you develop key competencies…
#CBMESummitHealthcare Conferences
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One of the most important trends in the last decade has been the move to competency-based/outcome-based education. The two-day Summit, organized by th…
#PrimaryCareLS2Healthcare Conferences
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The aims of the SPSP Primary Care Learning Session 2 are: 1. To build a collaborative network and share experiences across Scotland 2. To build cap…
#MDD2015Healthcare Conferences
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Join 100 senior-level training leaders and industry partners at this year's LTEN Medical Device & Diagnostic Trainers Summit (MD&D Summit) - O…

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