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#Mics4MedEdHealthcare Conferences

Welcome to Mics4MedEd!. Short, micro-didactic sessions will be held in the basement home movie theater on a large screen. Sit back on some comfy furni…
#MedutopiaPuraVidaHealthcare Conferences
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The Medutopia crew is headed to Costa Rica to give a 2-day medical education and professional development course. If you want to learn how to change t…
#TTCCaboHealthcare Conferences
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The Teaching Course Cabo is a 2 day version of our flagship course, The Teaching Institute. The course is open to all health care professionals (phy…
#dasTTCHealthcare Conferences
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Think of The Teaching Course as a medical education, social media, and digital media extravaganza designed for any healthcare professional looking to …
#LexPodcastHealthcare Conferences
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The Podcasting Course is the first ever course dedicated to medical education podcast production – by podcasters – for podcasters.
#TTCPuraVidaHealthcare Conferences
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A one day version of The Teaching Course. Speakers in include Rosh Fisher, Ashley Liebig, Salim Rezaie, and Rob Rogers.

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