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#MedLassoHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#MedLasso is used by the social media community to denote posts related to Ted Lasso and healthcare professionals, as well as MedLasso from Explore Th…
#BeyondClinicalWallsHealthcare Tweet Chats
Join our April 28 Twitter chat to discuss how clinicians and communities can collaborate to improve health. @ICSIorg will be joined by Hilary Heishman…
#crfconf16Healthcare Conferences
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Manchester is pleased to welcome the 12th UKCRF Annual Conference to the city in 2016. Manchester is known for many scientific & medical firsts as…
#SPSPmat_neo18Healthcare Conferences
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#NCICohortConsortiumHealthcare Conferences
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The Annual Meeting bring together investigators from the National Cancer Institute Cohort Consortium, which is an extramural-intramural partnership to…
#2016TPPHealthcare Conferences
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The 2016 TPP conference, "Connecting the Dots: Collaborating to Achieve Lasting Impacts for Youth," will focus on ways federal grantees can strengthen…
#APAL18Healthcare Conferences
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The APA Linkman Conference 2018 is a national meeting aimed at promoting collaboration and sharing of good practice amongst anaesthetists. This meetin…
#WAHSNcolabHealthcare Conferences
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A collaboration event organised by Wessex AHSN
#surv23Healthcare Conferences
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For healthcare professionals involved in cancer care, post treatment. Showcasing innovations in survivorship care, research and policy, with the theme…

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