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#PennNursingInnovationHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Penn Nursing is hosting a nursing innovation twitter chat on the topic of hackathons. Nurse innovators and experts in the topic of hackathons will eng…
#AccessibilityFailDisease Hashtags
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#TEDxMadridHealthcare Conferences
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Models, Innovations, Visualizations, Music , Experiments and Utopies at the service of a new economy more collaborative and human. Internet, Science a…
#HXD2018Healthcare Conferences
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We believe in the power of design to drive much needed change in healthcare. The annual HXD conference provides a unique crossroads for a diverse comm…
#hxdconfHealthcare Conferences
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The Healthcare Experience Design Conference blends the powerhouse perspectives of healthcare thought leaders, product developers, and design implement…
#PDCSUMMITHealthcare Conferences
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The PDC Summit is a dynamic industry event coordinated by a trusted network of not-for-profit organizations with expertise in health care planning, de…

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#GreatHatchHealthcare Conferences
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The Great Hatch facilitates collaboration across the health, engineering, and design disciplines to tackle today’s complex challenges in medicine an…

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