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#HumanFactorsHealthcare Conferences

Aimed at Clinicians and Managers, this national virtual conference will provide a practical guide to human factors in healthcare, and how a human fact…
#PSPP2014Healthcare Conferences
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A 1 day meeting to discuss patient safety, including the barriers to delivering safe peri-operative care, and strategies on how to overcome them. The …
#SLSNconf16Healthcare Conferences
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Conference for healthcare professionals to learn more about simulation-based training and how to apply concepts including faculty development and cour…
#RSMresusHealthcare Conferences
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This one day meeting will bring together experts from the field of military medicine to showcase cutting edge developments in resuscitation medicine a…
#ASPiH2014Healthcare Conferences
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This is the fifth annual conference of the UKs leading multi-disciplinary healthcare simulation association.…
#SSE2022Healthcare Conferences
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National conference and lead up to SSE 2022
#SAG2016Healthcare Conferences
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Annual Meeting of the Scottish Airway Group. A one day conference of lectures for health care professionals associated with anasesthesia and related s…
#BSAC17Healthcare Conferences
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Annual meeting of BASICS Scotland
#IPSLearningLabsHealthcare Conferences
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Without effective and reliable implementation of clinical and practice guidelines, patient safety is compromised. In December the Infection Prevention…

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