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#LSGG2019Healthcare Conferences
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Global gathering for Liberating Structures pioneers & practitioners. 13th - 15th March 2019 Seattle.
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#AmbulanceServicesHealthcare Conferences
This conference focuses on improving the quality of ambulance services and meeting and measuring progress against the CQC Quality Ratings. The confere…
#qihourHealthcare Tweet Chats

Quality Improvement tweet chat hosted by Gloucestershire hospitals
#ihub_GPAdminHealthcare Conferences
A pilot improvement collaborative to develop the skills and role of practice administrative teams in GP practice settings.
#HSPI2018Healthcare Conferences
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The Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2018 is your source for the latest in operational and quality improvement tools, methods and con…
#PHEConf18Healthcare Conferences
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The PHE Annual Conference 2018 brings together >1500 participants, representing the wide range of organisations contributing to improving the healt…
#iticlustersupportHealthcare Conferences
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#CPI18Healthcare Conferences
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The Conference on Practice Improvement brings together providers, researchers, educators, and practice administrators to re-imagine health care delive…

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