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#MedChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#MedChat is a twitterchat which takes place every Thursday night and brings together the pre-hosptial and paramedic community of twitter to discuss pa…
#PAIC2017Healthcare Conferences
Paramedics Australasia International Conference 2017
23rd November 2017 – 25th November 2017
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PAIC 2017 on 23-25 November 2017 in Melbourne is THE premier conference of innovative thinkers leaders and practitioners within the global Paramedic c…
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#ambulanceresponseHealthcare Conferences
Improving the Ambulance Response: Meeting the New Ambulance Service Standards
22nd January 2018

This conference focuses on improving the ambulance response and meeting the new targets in practice, changing the focus from ‘8 minutes’ to improv…
#IrishEMSHealthcare Tweet Chats
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A hashtag used for discussing all aspects of prehospital care in Ireland
#phemtraumaHealthcare Conferences
PHEM Trauma Masterclass
14th November 2016
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Trauma Care are proud to be hosting a one day 'PHEM Trauma Masterclass' at The Studio, just 5 minutes walk from Birmingham New Street train station. T…
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#The_PADHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The PAD is short for the "The Paramedic's ABC Discussions", monthly online discussions on current and controversial topics within Param…

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