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#globalexHealthcare Conferences
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GlobalEx AMSA global health leadership development masterclass. July 25-27th, Melbourne at the University of Melbourne School of Population Health. Br…
#ppsummitHealthcare Conferences
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National Summit for HEIs and LETBs working together for excellence in education
#PracticeEdu16Healthcare Conferences
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This is an international conference of interest to anyone involved with the professional development of students in any field of health or social care…
#APPEhourHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The #APPEhour chat intends to help 4th year pharmacy students with networking via Twitter by "introducing" students on an ID APPE rotation from the Un…
#aotaconclaveHealthcare Conferences
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AOTA/NBCOT National Student Conclave is the place where occupational therapy students gather together every year.
#SPANZ16Healthcare Conferences
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#SPANZ16 will be a two and a half day event based around the theme “The Challenge of Change – Reshaping the Future of Paramedicine”. The evening…
#ArtsMeetsHealthHealthcare Conferences
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Arts Meets Health is an event exploring the intersection between the creative arts and student mental health.
#twitfrgHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Weekly Twitter Finals Revision Group Chat

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