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#AAFPNCHealthcare Conferences
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The AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students is an annual event that provides attendees the opportunity to learn th…
#MedFreshersHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Sunday 18th October 6pm BST Join our #Medfreshers Twitter chat supported by @gmcuk What advice would you give to those starting medical school …
#SGEA2019Healthcare Conferences
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The regional meeting of the Group on Educational Affairs offers interactive sessions and keynote addresses related to trends in medical education. Th…
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#mse13Healthcare Conferences
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The Conference on Medical Student Education is geared specifically to medical educators who shape and inspire the next generation to be competent, ded…
#DEMEC21Healthcare Conferences
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The leading organisations in UK medical education and training across the UK have come together to provide a unique and high quality joint national UK…
#ACEPTF13Healthcare Conferences
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The ACEP teaching fellowship is designed to teach EM physicians how to become better educators and how to incorporate good teaching skills into reside…

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