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#AMESoMeHealthcare Conferences
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Over five days the AME will showcase a wide range of senior industry presenters who will be sharing their experiences through presentations, workshops…
#AgileHealthHealthcare Conferences
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The overall system and system components of Health Care (including its delivery processes, pharmaceuticals and other therapies and preventative measur…
#5congresoAASHealthcare Conferences
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"Analizando el pasado, preparando el futuro", es el resultado de dos años de trabajo desde la anterior edición del Congreso de la Asociación de Adm…
#LeanBCN16Healthcare Conferences
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Una jornada en la que podrá escuchar a gurús de todo el mundo, y además aprender de todo tipo de ejemplos en los que el lean management ha marcado …
#HSPI2018Healthcare Conferences
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The Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2018 is your source for the latest in operational and quality improvement tools, methods and con…
#2019NEMEXHealthcare Conferences
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Enjoy a fun day learning about the latest technologies in material handling, improved packaging solutions, and innovative lean techniques. This dynami…
#compassHCHealthcare Conferences
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Designed for C-level and Facilities Managers, Compass Healthcare Facilities Symposium 2012 will show you how to trim costs and maximize opportunities …
#QS13Healthcare Conferences
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Provincial conference sharing inspiring stories of improvement in health care. Open to everyone from everywhere. April 10-11, 2013 in Regina, SK Host…

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